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Why Does My Cat Want To Eat My Food? [ Here Are The Reasons ]

Why Does My Cat Want To Eat My Food? [ Here Are The Reasons ]

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Pets are often considered to be able to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, reduce the feeling of loneliness and encourage playfulness and exercise habits.

Not only that but they are also believed to improve cardiovascular health. In cases of children, having a pet at home and learning to take care of them might help them to grow as more secure, active, and responsible people.

In older people, pets can act as great companions, thus reducing their feelings of isolation and loneliness. And if you own a cat, there are many positive sides. Cats are really good pets.

They are less expensive to maintain. Also, a study found that cat owners are less likely to suffer a heart attack than those people who never owned a cat.

However, the real stress starts when your pet cat starts to do things that tease you about their health and well-being, while sometimes you might just be overthinking.

A lot of cat owners are worried about their cats wanting to eat their food.

Does your cat often meow at you to give them a share of your food? Does your cat like human food more than cat food? Does most of the time, your cat eats your food?

Well then, this article is for you.

Why does your cat want to eat your food?

There must be a couple of reasons why your cat is interested in your food more than the cat food. Let’s discuss them in detail.

They just want to enjoy family time

Cats make for friendly and sociable pets. They would like to eat in the room as you and your whole family do. That might be one reason why you want to eat your food. It just wants to eat with you.

It’s Cat-curiosity!

Cats are often curious about what’s on their plate. They might not essentially be hungry but curious. Once they have the taste of it and understand it’s not worth it, they will eventually back off.

Time for a change!

Your cat might have become bored with the usual cat food and just need a change.

Picky cat

Your cat might hate his food. If it is just dry food, your cat might hate it. Try swapping it with something else.

Sniff sniff

Well, if your cat shows interest in your food, they might just want to sniff it every time they don’t want to eat. Just a habit, you know?

“That looks delicious!”

Well, at some point we all must agree that our foods are much more delicious than theirs and we shouldn’t blame them if they like our food more, it’s obvious. Your cat just likes the taste of your food more than its own.

These could be the few reasons behind your cat wanting to eat your food. There could be more reasons; we never know.

How do I get my cat to stop trying to eat my food?

Sometimes your cat wanting to eat your food might be quite annoying for you, and you might want to keep it away. We have got some ways that can help you out :

Don’t give in

Don’t give in to your cat’s begging. Cats often will beg you to give them what they want. Abstain from giving in. Once you keep doing so, the cat will become more desperate to get what they want.

Do a witty trick

You can do this if you don’t want your cat to peep into your dinner plate. It works well. Put something on your plate that your cat surely hates. For example, a piece of lemon or perhaps broccoli. This will make them associate the food on your plate with something that’s not tasty, and eventually, they will give up on trying to eat.

Don’t leave your food unattended

If you leave your food unattended, your cat might get a taste of it and start liking it. So be careful. You might be concerned about your cat’s sudden obsession with your food. Is there really something to be concerned about?

Is it normal for a cat to want to eat human food?

Yes. It is. It’s absolutely obvious for your cat to like your food because usually, it’s tastier. Plus, foods with a strong aroma might attract them. Also, cats are curious, so it’s their nature that makes them intrigued about your food. It’s nothing abnormal or to be concerned about.

As of now, some other questions must be wandering in your mind. Like, “should I feed my cat my food?” and so on.

Well, we have got answers for that too.

Are all human foods safe for your cat?

Even though it’s normal for your cats to want to eat your food, you shouldn’t encourage them because some human foods are not just as healthy, and you should avoid feeding your cats. Yes, not all foods, but some human foods might prove to be unhealthy for them.

ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has a long list of no-no-human foods for cats.

Some of them are:

  • Chocolate
  • Bread containing yeast dough
  • Coffee
  • Citrus
  • Coconut flesh and coconut water
  • Nuts
  • Gum and candies (because of the Xylitol content in them; it can cause vomiting, lethargy and even liver failure in cats)


Summing it all up, there are certainly obvious and valid reasons for your cats to love your food. There’s nothing to be alarmed or concerned about.

You just need to pay attention to them and their needs. Also, you can share your food with them without worrying, because after all, it’s fun to see them enjoying your food and might help to create a good bond between you and your car.

You can share your food with them without hesitation unless you are annoyed with them bothering you for bites from your food or the food is not healthy for them.

Also, we shared some quick tips to keep your cat away from your food which you can surely try with your cat.