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Cat Furniture

Cat Furniture (because sometimes they don’t know the difference between a scratching post and Granny’s favorite chair).

Imagine a cat furniture wonderland where felines can lounge in style! Their home is just not complete without cozy beds, scratching posts, tree houses and play zones tailored for cats. We’ve hunted down all the most reviewing-clawing cat products from basic essentials to luxury items. Get tips on DIY catifying your home plus the best store-bought beds, trees, scratchers and more engineered just for cats.

Give your feline a sanctuary space to perch, nap, scratch and play while protecting your furnishings. Consider ergonomics for aging cats too! Here you’ll discover all the wares to spoil your cat with comfort and entertainment. Browse cat beds fit for royalty, jungle gyms worthy of a jaguar, and litter boxes clean enough for the fanciest of whiskers!

By the way, have you ever seen a cat exercising wheel?

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