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Crazy Cat Lady: Meet All My Cats!

Crazy Cat Lady Households are Filled with Furry Fun–Meet Mine!

My Crazy Cat Lady household just started with two: Ravi and Shiloh, two small kittens (I assumed they were brother and sister)…all alone and apparently abandoned by the side of a busy road. They were dangerously close to the curb, just next to a rural grammar school. I knew that the next day when school was in session, IF they were still alive…Ravi and Shiloh may not be treated so well and maybe they’d be played with in a rough way. This wasn’t in America and the culture just wasn’t the same around our furry friends, sadly. I was concerned!


I tucked my two treasures into the my Juicy Couture velour jogging suit top, zipped it up, and we scooted off on our way to my home, gently riding along on my bicycle. They wiggled around inside my shirt, meowing, asking me where I was taking them (“A great home!” I answered)… and I hoped they didn’t have fleas. But so what if they did! I’d deal with it. I hadn’t planned on rescuing them…it just happened, and guess what? They’re still alive and well, sleeping on a heated mattress pad, now 16+ years old and aging really well.

And that’s how it always happens with the rescues. You save them, you love them, you marvel at how much time has passed since they came into your home… (or how short the time passed before they have to leave you a little too early sometimes)…

Please allow me to introduce you to my current crazy cat lady kitty crew. ..

…And some of the ones who’ve passed on and I’d like to honor with their backstory or special qualities.

Every kitty has a story. It’s a lucky thing when you get them as kittens and you know most of it. When they’re older, you dream of meeting them again in the afterlife, when they can speak and tell you everything that happened to them before you came along and saved their life…or just lifestyle.

The greatest pleasure in the life of a crazy cats lady is giving cats a loving, comfy, home with as much good cat care as you can manage.

Don’t want to adopt cats of your own, but would like to support those who find homes for cats?

The Elders (13+ Years Old)

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The MidLifers (7-13 Years Old)

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The Youngers (2-7 Years Old)

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The Littles (0-2 Years Old)

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Rest in Peace, Sweet Babies

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