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What Cats Can Eat and Cannot Eat…

What cats can eat?

It’s a question that comes up often enough when they’re begging for a scrap from my plate. Two quick answers! NEVER give them raw onions or let them eat your Christmas Poinsettia plants.

Get the definitive guide on foods safe and unsafe for cats here below in my article library! This crash course covers cat nutrition no-no’s from toxic fare to unsafe snacking habits. Learn what human foods cross the line into danger zones causing issues like pancreatitis or kidney damage. Ensure your cat’s longterm health with lists of forbidden fruits, vegetables, seasonings and more.

We clear up misconceptions around milk products, raw diets, veggie preferences and other feline dietary folklore too. Consider us your myth-busting allies separating fact from fiction on the kitty diet dos and don’ts. Here you’ll discover exactly what cats can and absolutely cannot safely eat for their health and wellbeing!

Being a crazy cat lady doesn’t make me an expert on cat nutrition. And I certainly give my kitties indulgent food treats once in a while. Want access to the serious studies and advice on cats and their food?

What Can Cats Eat? What Can’t Cats Eat? What Human Treats Are Safe for Cats to Eat?

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