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Kittens are One of Life’s Greatest Pleasures…

…And they’re kittens for such a short time, so enjoy those moments to their fullest. They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re curling their tiny tails around your heart! This section is overloaded with adorable kitten pics and stories to give you your daily dose of awwww. Learn all about kitten play, mischief, growth milestones, and more. From announcing a new “foster fail” to sharing silly antics, our stories capture the joy of raising these balls of fluff.

When you just can’t take anymore cuteness, this section has practical tips too – preparing for a new kitten, shopping checklists, nutrition guidelines, etc. Consider this your guide for nursing the tiniest to coralling a mini-cat brimming with personality. So scroll through for glimpses of my naughty little calicos (one now in her old age), sleepy snuggles with newbies I rescued from the street, and more delightful kitten moments!

Need some more resources for managing your kitten or kittens?

Protecting Cats from Wildfire Smoke

Protecting Cats from Wildfire Smoke

Summer is here and hotter temperatures, along with corresponding drier periods, means an increase in wildfires. According to Reuters, Canada…