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Cat Care Galore

Curious about Cat Care, Cat Health and Your Cat’s Wellbeing?

Welcome to my little lair on the internet, devoted to my favorite furry friends – cats! As a proud multi-cat owner and self-proclaimed crazy cat(s) lady, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about how to keep my kitties happy and healthy, frisky and full of catitude.

That’s why I started this blog – to share my top tips and tricks for cat care with other devoted cat parents. You’ll find my advice covers all things related to caring for house cats.

Whether it’s ideas for nutritious cat food and cat treat recipes, recommendations for fun and stimulating cat toys, or tips for positive reinforcement training, you’ll discover plenty of useful cat care information here.

My goal is to make life as enjoyable as possible for both cats and their owners! Curious about scooping poop? (Think of it as a daily gesture of love with a gritty component). Learn more about litter box training, grooming, preventing common health issues, and much more.

With a lifetime of cat care experience to draw from, I hope this blog can help your feline friends live their very best lives. Now let’s dive into all things crazy cat care!

Still “digging” for cat information? Please try my Search Box in the side bar (It’s not a Litter Box, it’s a Search Box–haaaa!)! Or please visit the Experts of Cat Care.

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