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Cat Behavior

Cat Behavior For Humans

Welcome to the cat behavior guide for decoding your feline’s mysteries! Cats continually surprise us with their quirky and intriguing actions. While their behaviors may baffle us humans at times, there are explanations behind most kitty conundrums. Gain some cat psychology insights into why cats do what they do.

In this section, you’ll discover why your cat presents you with prey, picks favorite humans, eats grass, misses the litterbox now and then, and more. We delve into the science and research around feline behaviors – why DO cats go bonkers at 3 am?! Get tips for channeling your cat’s instincts into more acceptable activities with toys, cat trees, and training. Finally understand the weird world of cats!

Need more help understanding your cat’s pecadillos?

Cat Behavior – How Can I Understand My Cat? What are they DOING?