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Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds are the Variety and Spice of Cat Lover Life!

This collection of content about cat breeds covers all the basics about your feline’s genetics! Before adopting or buying any kitty, get some info here from physical traits to temperaments and special needs. You’ll meet all the popular pedigrees from the mighty Maine Coon to the affectionate Ragdoll and many more. Why do show cats and cat shows endlessly fascinate cat lovers?

We spill the secrets of cat coat patterns and colors too. Learn terms like torbie, lynx point Siamese, and ticked tabby. And if you end up falling for one of the delightful domestic mixes at your local shelter, check out our articles on opening your home to shelter kittes or even stray cats you may have the luck to find on the street asking you for help.

Want to get a breed profile or know more about all the varieties of cat breeds out there?

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