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The Characteristics and Personality of Bengal Cats

The Characteristics and Personality of Bengal Cats

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A Bengal Cat has a coat color that boasts similar exotic pattern variations like that of the wild Asian Leopard Cat.

Each Bengal Cat or kitten, although having distinct patterns of coat color that follow the breed characteristics, also has some unique coat patterns specific to that individual Bengal Cat due to the creatively beautiful design that the individual cat was born with. So, choose your pick of the litter so that you get the cutest Bengal Cat available once a litter of Bengal kittens are available for sale.

The fur of a Bengal Cat is soft as silk. Often a Bengal Cat has glitter shadings on its fur which sparkles in the sunlight. Rosettes and spots and other exotic marking make a Bengal Cat a truly exceptional animal.

What are the characteristics of a Bengal cat?

The characteristics of a Bengal Cat are a greater exoticness and partial wild instinct than that of the simple domestic cat. Your Bengal Cat will have notable pizazz and energy. And your Bengal Cat will do funny things when playing due to its natural hunting instincts derived from that of its predecessor, the wild Asian Leopard Cat.

Although the coat pattern and outward appearance of the Bengal Cat would suggest wildness overall which to some onlookers they may wonder if the Bengal Cat is vicious or mean. The personality of the Bengal Cat is actually characterized by gentleness and a good temperament.

The Bengal Cat is sweet and nice and loving and perfectly domesticated. The Bengal Cat is a fun-loving family cat full of warmth and adventure and excitement and intrigue and curiosity and playfulness and adorableness and cuddliness.

How big do Bengal Cats Get?

Bengal Cats are somewhat larger than the average size of the common American domestic household cat. Their larger size allows them to jump and pounce and run after prey or their dinner more efficiently than a common cat and in a similar manner to that of their wild ancestors.

Bengal Cats adapted to their environment in order to survive through the generations. Darwin’s theory of evolution and the concept of natural selection is a scientific phenomenon that governs the evolution and current state of animals in our world including the Bengal Cat.

  • Male Bengal Cats will weigh 12 to 15 pounds (sometimes even up to a weight of 20 pounds).
  • Female Bengal Cats will weigh 8 to 12 pounds (sometimes even up to a weight of 15 pounds).

Funny things that Bengal Cats do

There are a plethora of funny things that Bengal Cats do. You will have loads of fun with Christmas or Hannukah wrapping paper and ribbons during the Winter Holidays when your Bengal Cat or kitten is playing indoors in your home. And you will have double the fun watching your Bengal Cats if you have two or more Bengal Cats in your home. Generally speaking, the more Bengal Cats you own, the merrier.

Have you ever seen how a Bengal Cat will play with a newspaper or with newspaper shreds? It is hilarious! And when playing, they can have that screwball, funny look in their eyes.

Bengal Cats will get on your shelves and knock things down like knickknacks, pens, pencils. And they will have so much fun doing it. They like to interact with other Bengal Cats and with their owners. Bengal Cats will play hockey on your carpet with a waded up paper for hours.

Bengal Cats are extremely intelligent, and Bengal Cats sometimes like to look at their image when standing in front of the mirror. They know it is themselves and not another cat.

Bengal Cats can make many different sounds above and beyond the standard cat meow, including sounds of chortle, squeaky, growling, loud, melodious, screaming, and a wilder big loud call. Bengal Cats may return your hello and greeting with their name, with a return meow which is a distinct reply. This is a sign of great intelligence.

Difference between a Regular Cat and a Bengal Cat

The difference between a Regular Cat and a Bengal Cat is distinctive. You will fall in love with your exotic Bengal Cats in your home because they are like no other regular cat. Bengal Cats have personality. And the unique personality of your Bengal Cat/(s) is what you will discover and love with time as your spend more time with them in your home.

The Emotional Attachment to Your Bengal Cat

Your Bengal Cats will bond socially with you and your family as time goes by. Don’t be surprised if you get very emotionally attached to your adorable Bengal Cat/(s). You will start to love your Bengal Cat/(s) so much that you will never be able to be without that presence of their cuteness and loving presence in your home. Your children will become attached to your Bengal Cat/(s) as your family pet/(s) too.

Some families are so enamored by their Bengal Cat, that they hire an artist to do an oil painting of their family pet/Bengal Cat and display the work of art on the wall in their living-room. Other families display mini Bengal Cat marble sculpture on their coffee table.

Protecting Your Beloved Bengal Cat

Some families get health insurance for their Bengal Cat, and even put their Bengal Cat in their Will and Last Testament. This is a good way to watch out for the care of your admired and adored pet/member of your family. Yes, the bonding that occurs between Bengal Cat and pet owner is lasting and memorable. The Bengal Cat is sacred in the heart of many cat lovers who become really attached to the special member of their family, their Bengal Cat.

The Reunion After Being Separated

If a Bengal Cat is lost, then don’t be surprised if tears are shed by longing owners who miss that unique character of their beautiful pet Bengal Cat who symbolizes love and family happiness and togetherness. When the Bengal Cat is found, the excited and exuberant pet owner can’t wait to give their darling Bengal Cat a scrumptious hug denoting reuniting after being separated.

Identify Your Bengal Cat to Keep Them Safe

And a special note of interest must be stated here: a good idea for Bengal Cat owners is to have your valuable Bengal Cat wear a stretch collar and an identification tag. An identification tag with your pet name and your phone number will come in handy in finding your Bengal Cat if he/she gets lost or accidentally escapes from your home.

Bengal Cats: Personality

Every single Bengal Cat has a unique personality and temperament. Yet, the general appealing nature of the Bengal Cat breed is what you will treasure the most because of the many wonderful aspects of the Bengal Cat.

Choosing a Name based on Personality

The personality of your Bengal Cat is what you will love most, and you may choose the name of your Bengal Cat based on his/her unique personality. If your Bengal Cat has a bold, cute personality and is male, then you might name him something like: Bruno; Arnold; Steven; Rambo; Alexander-the-Great; Born-Free’s-Pouncer; Puss-and-boot’s Tiger; King – of – the- wild; Apollo; Titan. If your Bengal Cat has a daring, lovable, sweet personality and is female, then you might want to name her: Britney; Victoria; Wild Dutchess; Ginger; Scary-Spice-Girl, etc.

There are so many cute and descriptive a propos names out there that fit perfectly to the personality of your Bengal Cat. A simple name for your Bengal Cat can precisely fit the unique charming personality of the Bengal Cat you have come to love and cherish.

Life Span of a Bengal Cat

A Bengal Cat will live as long as your domestic cat in your home. A Bengal Cat can live as long as 23 or 24 years, if you take good care of your Cat who will feel like part of your family. See a veterinarian regularly for the upkeep and maintenance of the good health of your Bengal Cat.

Do the suggested veterinary vaccinations and de-worming for your Bengal Cat.

Bathe your Bengal Cat as often as necessary to keep its coat in top condition, free from fleas and ticks.

Have your Bengal Cat wear a flea and tick collar regardless of whether or not your Bengal Cat will be mostly indoors or outdoors. And keeping your Bengal Cat in tip-top emotional health is just as important as keeping your Bengal Cat in excellent physical health. Spend time petting and holding your Bengal Cat; because Bengal Cats are very sociable.

The Egyptians worshipped cats and some wealthy Egyptians mummified their house cat so that the cat could come with them on the journey in the immortal afterlife which is a part of Egyptian tradition and culture. Egyptian cats were immortalized in art work.