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It is important not to absorb any of the cat’s physical and emotional distress during the treatment. To protect yourself, clearly set your intent, before beginning the treatment, so that you will not take on any negative energy from the cat. If you do feel that you have taken some negative energy, use your hands to ”sweep” down your arms and body to brush it off into the ground for recycling.

It is also very important that you take a “no expectations” approach to the treatment process and to its results. Do not personalize them – even if it is your own cat that you are working on. Stay neutral. Understand that the flow of Reiki energy will have “peaks and valleys” during the treatment. Reiki provides only the amount of energy that the cat is willing to accept.

I like to begin each treatment by softly asking that, “The Reiki energy be used only for (the cat’s name) greatest and highest good.” If your are a Reiki Level II practitioner or a Reiki Master-Teacher, you can draw in the air or visualize any of the Reiki symbols that you are qualified to use, activating them by saying their names as a mantra three times for each one used. Then simply intend that Reiki begin flowing and it will.

If the Reiki energy seems to be lessening shortly after you begin the treatment, the cat may be evaluating the energy to make sure that it is comfortable with it. Continue the treatment, but be alert for signs of acceptance or rejection from the cat.


Although most cats prefer to receive Reiki from a distance because of their sensitivity to the energy’s intensity, cats that are familiar with you may be comfortable with the Hands-on approach described here.  In such cases, you may even be able to give them Reiki while petting or stroking them.  A receptive cat may be still or may move around some during the treatment, exposing different parts of its body to the energy.

Which body parts of the cat that you can directly place your hands on for treatment will depend on where you can physically reach on the cat’s body, where the cat will allow you to touch, and where it is safe to touch (when injury or illness may result in body areas that are too sensitive to touch).  Remember, however, that Reiki will flow to wherever it is most needed when you do a Hands-on treatment.

You do not need to follow a specific pattern of hand placements; let the cat’s behavior guide you.  A good generic placement of hands would be on the cat’s shoulders and upper chest or to start with hands on its shoulders and then gradually working down its spine to the base of its tail. Treat the cat’s head last as many cats don’t like receiving energy there.  If the cat becomes deeply relaxed, don’t disturb them by changing the position of your hands.

As with any Reiki treatment, the key is to remain flexible and adapt the process to meet the cat’s needs.


Beaming Reiki is the process used when you are treating an unfamiliar or unfriendly cat.  It can also be used to treat cats that are visible to you, but not immediately in front of you, such as cats being treated at an animal shelter.

Begin by asking permission from the cat to share Reiki energy with it.  If the cat accepts the energy treatment, sit in a low chair or stool or on the ground and intend to provide Reiki energy for the cat.  Extend your arms out with your palms facing outward (fingers pointing diagonally towards the ground/floor). 


This method of treatment requires the Reiki Level II attunement in order to access the three Reiki practitioner symbols.  These symbols create a stronger energy flow that permits deeper physical and emotional healing to take place.  Sometimes a cat is much more receptive to energy sent to it from a distance than when it is offered in person; this is particularly true of cats that are dying.
The Reiki Power Symbol (abbreviated as CKR) increases the strength and flow of the Reiki energy.  The Mental-Emotional Symbol (SHK) focuses deep healing on mental , emotional, and spiritual blockages that have manifested as physical or behavioral problems.  The  Distance-Healing Symbol HSZSN) helps you to send Reiki energy through time and space.

While Hands-on Reiki treatments can be anywhere from 15 – 60 minutes long, a Distance-Healing Reiki session usually lasts 15 – 30 minutes.  Since you are not present in person with the cat when you do the treatment, you need to plan it for when the cat is normally inactive.

The Distance-Healing treatment process

  • Sit or stand in a relaxed manner.
  • Draw the Distance-Healing Symbol in the air and say its mantra 3 times out loud.
  • Place a picture of the cat in front of you and say its name (or a detailed description) 3 times out loud.  Other options if a picture is not available are to:
  • Write the cat’s name on a piece of paper, which is ten placed inside a small box.  Reiki energy is then sent to the box at the appropriate time.
  • Use a stuffed bear as a treatment surrogate for the cat.
  • Use your own legs (when sitting down) to receive and to forward the Reiki energy to the cat.

The following list identifies which of the cat’s body parts correspond to parts of your legs:

  1. The cat’s head and neck (your left knee).
  2. Heart and upper chest (your left mid-thigh).
  3. Ribs and abdomen (your left upper thigh).
  4. Pelvis (your left hip).
  5. Back of head, neck, and throat (your right knee).
  6. Shoulders and upper back (your right mid-thigh).
  7. Mid and lower back (your right upper thigh).
  8. Sacral area (your right hip).
  • Draw the Mental-Emotional Symbol in the air and say its mantra 3 times out loud.
  • Draw the Power Symbol in the air and say its mantra 3 times out loud.
  • Then say, “With the help of the Reiki Symbols, I am now acting as a pure channel to send Reiki healing energy to (name of the cat.  May this energy be only for the greatest and highest good of (name of the cat). So be it.”
  • Hold your hands with your palms facing outward, intend that Reiki flow to the cat for as long as you can sense energy flowing or for a pre-decided amount of time.

NOTE on treatment frequency:

  • For animals recovering from an injury or illness, do a series of 3-4 treatments on consecutive days followed by once a week until recovery.
  • For healthy cats, once a week or as desired.
  • For cats nearing their transition, daily treatments or as desired.

Concluding the Reiki treatment:

Cats will usually let you know when they have had enough energy by:

  1. Waking up and moving away.
  2. Becoming involved in another activity.
  3. Licking your hands or touching you with their head.

You may terminate the session as well if you notice a significant decrease in the energy flowing through your hands. Thank the cat and thank Reiki.