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Police Officer Saves Adorable New Kitten Partner Named Squirt

Police Officer Saves Adorable New Kitten Partner Named Squirt

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Imagine finding a tiny orange tabby kitten under a dumpster in the rain. That’s exactly what happened to a fellow police officer who goes by the name of Donut Operator on Instagram. Officer D.O. decided to bring the kitten home and it quickly found a loving and caring family among Officer D.O.’s other cats. This heartwarming story showcases the compassionate side of law enforcement and the bond that can form between animals and humans.

Officer D.O. and His New Partner:

Officer D.O., better known as Donut Operator on Instagram, is a police officer who recently adopted a cute little kitten. After finding the tiny orange tabby under a dumpster in the rain, Officer D.O. couldn’t bear to leave the poor thing behind. He took the cat home where he already had other cats of his own. Little did he know that his own cat, named Toothless, would take on the role of a nurturing mama cat for the new kitten.

The Name “Squirt”:

Officer D.O. decided to name the new kitten Squirt for two reasons. Firstly, the kitten is incredibly tiny, a perfect fit for the cute and playful name. Secondly, when Squirt first entered Officer D.O.’s house, it started pooping all over the place, resulting in its chosen name. Despite Squirt’s small size and occasional accidents, Officer D.O. and his other cats have welcomed the new addition with open arms.

The Importance of Animal Companionship:

This heartwarming story highlights the importance of animal companionship, even for police officers. Officer D.O. provides a safe and loving home for his cats, and Squirt is no exception. Animals can offer comfort, support, and companionship in even the most challenging and dangerous situations. Squirt’s presence in Officer D.O.’s life serves as a reminder that adopting a pet can bring joy and happiness to both the animal and the human.


Finding a tiny kitten under a dumpster in the rain may seem like a sad and unfortunate situation, but thanks to the kind-heartedness of Officer D.O., this story has a happy ending. Squirt, the adorable orange tabby kitten, has found a loving home among Officer D.O.’s family of cats. This heartwarming story reminds us of the importance of adopting animals in need and the love that can blossom between humans and their furry companions.


1. Q: How did Officer D.O. come across the kitten?
A: Officer D.O. found the kitten under a dumpster in the rain.

2. Q: What did Officer D.O. name the kitten and why?
A: The kitten was named Squirt because of its small size and the incidents of accidental pooping upon entering Officer D.O.’s house.

3. Q: How did Officer D.O.’s other cat react to the new kitten?
A: Officer D.O.’s other cat, Toothless, took on the role of a nurturing mama cat for the new kitten.

4. Q: Will Officer D.O. bring Squirt on duty?
A: No, Officer D.O. does not plan to take Squirt on duty to ensure the kitten’s safety.

5. Q: What does this story teach us about the bond between animals and humans?
A: This story showcases the compassionate side of law enforcement and the importance of animal companionship in providing comfort and support.

Overall, the story of Officer D.O. and Squirt reminds us of the capacity for love and care that exists in unexpected places. Animals have the ability to bring joy and happiness to our lives, even in the most unlikely of circumstances.