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A Dog Takes on Mothering Duties for Orphaned Kittens

A Dog Takes on Mothering Duties for Orphaned Kittens

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In a heartwarming turn of events, a 2-year-old dog named Molly has taken on the responsibility of caring for not only her own newborn puppies but also a litter of orphaned kittens. This unique situation arose when Molly’s owner, Elbert Bristow of Columbia, Ala., accidentally ran over the mother cat, leaving behind six helpless kittens. With no nursing cat to provide milk for the kittens, Molly stepped in and has been tending to their needs ever since. This extraordinary display of motherly love and care has captivated the hearts of those who have witnessed it.

A Dog’s Unusual Role:

Molly, a loving and nurturing dog, proved her maternal instincts when she took on the role of caring for the orphaned kittens. Coincidentally, Molly had given birth to three puppies just one day before the mother cat’s untimely demise. Recognizing the kittens’ need for milk, Molly started producing a remarkable amount of milk to feed the tiny felines. Elbert Bristow, pleased and amazed by Molly’s dedication, says, “The flow of the milk coming from the dog is much greater than the cat; they can’t drink it fast enough.” This unprecedented tale of a dog nursing kittens showcases the innate nurturing nature of animals, even across different species.

A New Family Dynamic:

With her own puppies kept separate from the kittens, Molly diligently tends to the feline brood, ensuring they are fed and cared for. When not feeding, the kittens follow Molly around, forming a close bond with their surrogate mother. Molly’s gentle and patient demeanor has made her the perfect caregiver for these vulnerable kittens. The sight of a dog and a litter of kittens playing and interacting has captivated the attention of the community who often stop by just to witness this extraordinary sight.

An Act of Compassion:

Elbert Bristow, as the owner of Molly and the witness to this heartwarming act of compassion, plans to find loving homes for all but one kitten and one puppy. He recognizes the significance of providing a safe and nurturing environment for these animals and wants to ensure they have the best chance at a happy life. Bristow is grateful for Molly’s role in saving the kittens and intends to continue supporting their well-being until suitable homes are found.


The story of Molly, the dog who has taken on the role of mothering both her own puppies and a litter of orphaned kittens, is a testament to the boundless love and empathy that animals can exhibit. Molly’s devotion to her newfound responsibilities showcases the remarkable abilities and instincts that animals possess. The heartwarming images of a dog nursing kittens and creating lasting bonds highlight the beauty of interspecies relationships. It is stories like these that remind us of the profound connection we share with animals and the immense capacity for compassion that exists within them.


Q: How did the dog, Molly, start caring for the orphaned kittens?
A: Molly’s owner accidentally ran over the mother cat, leaving behind six kittens. With no nursing cat available, Molly stepped in and began producing milk to feed the kittens.

Q: Are the kittens and puppies kept separate?
A: Yes, the puppies are kept in a separate location from the kittens to ensure they receive the proper care and attention from their own mother.

Q: What will happen to the kittens and puppies?
A: Elbert Bristow plans to find loving homes for all but one kitten and one puppy. He believes in providing the best environment for these animals to thrive and be loved.

Q: Has Molly ever taken care of kittens before?
A: This is the first time that Molly has taken on the responsibility of caring for a litter of kittens. She has proven to be a nurturing and loving surrogate mother.

Q: How has this story impacted the community?
A: The community has been captivated by the sight of a dog nursing kittens and has grown fond of Molly and her adorable brood. People often stop by to witness this unique and heartwarming bond.