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My Cat Makes A Clicking Noise When Sleeping: Here’s Why

My Cat Makes A Clicking Noise When Sleeping: Here’s Why

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Cats are known to love their sleep. A cat loves to sleep as much as it loves to dream. You can leave your cat alone for a while, and I assure you, the next time you see it, your cat will be sleeping like there’s no tomorrow.

But cat behaviors can be confusing, as most do not come with proper reasoning. However, if you keep a close tab on the noises, your cat makes – a clicking sound will be the most common noise of them all!

So, if you are wondering ‘why does my cat make a clicking noise when sleeping’ – this article is for you.

Why does my cat make a clicking noise when sleeping?

Noises are peculiar to cats, and no matter how well you train your cat – it is most likely to never run out of quirky sounds, especially the clicking noise.

Before jumping into the possible reasons behind the clicking noise, let us try and understand why cats are prone to make sounds.

Interestingly, cats use these sounds to communicate with their human friends. The clicking sound is, therefore, the most common cat sound. So what does this clicking noise primarily stand for?

To break it down to you, in simpler words, a cat makes the clicking noise when it cannot access a particular thing. However, researchers have not come to a definite conclusion regarding the same.

It may appear that the cat is trying to act like a bird or a squirrel by making a sound typical of these two animals, but that is far from the truth. A cat mostly makes the clicking sound out of frustration when it cannot reach out to something – especially a fellow animal.

Pay close attention to the sound of your cat’s clicking. If it is more towards a rattling effect, there is a possibility of a health concern. Chances are that your cat’s lungs are full of fluid. It can happen due to chronic bronchitis or other serious health parameters.

Here are the other reasons why your cat may be making a clicking sound –

A potential prey lurks in their dreams – Cats are likely to make a clicking sound when they come across prey. It serves as a warning sign that they are about to attack.

Your cat is frustrated – It is common knowledge that cats communicate with their humans through various sounds and noises. The clicking sound is one way of communicating peculiar to a stressed cat.

Your cat wants your attention – Cats are creatures that may demand attention often. They are used to being pampered and cared for – in a way that even the slightest change in routine can make them cranky and agitated. If a waving of tails accompanies the clicking sound, be rest assured that your cat wants you to pet them.

Your cat is in distress – As a cat parent, it can be heartbreaking to see our cats in distress. Distress can happen over time or result from a random incident that triggered your cat. Either way, it is painful to see our loved ones suffer. Your cat shows their distress to you by making a clicking sound – but with cries.

The different kinds of sounds cats make and what they mean –

  • A short high, pitched meow- Cats usually make this sound to say hi. They will circle your legs and even put up one of their paws, indicating their desire to be pet by you. Interestingly, as cats grow into adults, this sort of meow becomes their natural way of communicating with humans.
  • A long high pitched meow – A long high, pitched meow is an indicator that your cat wants something from you. Try to understand where it is looking or where the paws are directing; it will help you know better. This kind of noise is also a reaction to hunger – it may be your cat’s feeding time that you forget!
  • Yowling – Cats yowl when they are in distress. If the yowl continues for long, it is for you to understand that your cat is complaining about something. This sound is common during the mating season and indicates that a male and a female cat are participating in the mating process. However, if the yowling continues for about three days, take your cat immediately to a vet. It can be that your cat is sick or has a mental breakdown.
  • Purring – Purring is the cutest sound that cats make and the one that can make you fall in love with your feline friend all over again. Contrary to the hissing sound, cats purr when they are happy or content. If you notice closely, cats purr when they are sleeping or when you are petting them. It also indicates their fondness towards you.
  • Hissing – Sorry to break this out to you, but the hissing sound is not a pleasant sound for you to hear. More than the sound, the indication is what is off about it. A hissing sound typically means that your cat does not want you around or wishes you do not touch them. It is advisable to leave your cat alone and give it time to cool down. If you keep on provoking, chances are you are inviting trouble for yourself. Your cat is going to attack you out of its anger.


Your cat’s clicking sound while sleeping is normal and stems from the desire to attain the unattainable. The sound acts as a reaction toward a situation that is beyond control. However, there are many other reasons for the same. We hope this article was helpful.