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Kitten Takes 25-mile Ride Inside Minivan’s Front Bumper

Kitten Takes 25-mile Ride Inside Minivan’s Front Bumper

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In a bizarre incident that took place in Banning, California, a kitten ended up taking a 25-mile ride inside a Dodge minivan’s front bumper. The owner of the vehicle initially believed that the damage to his car was caused by his Pit Bull Terriers. However, upon reaching work, he discovered the true reason behind the damage – a tiny 7-week-old kitten hiding inside the hollowed-out front bumper. This heartwarming tale showcases the resilience and adaptability of cats, as well as the kindness and efforts of those who went above and beyond to rescue and care for the little feline.

The Discovery:

The Dodge minivan owner awoke to find the front of his vehicle damaged and one of the tires punctured. Naturally, the immediate assumption was that his four Pit Bull Terriers were to blame, as they have a strong prey drive. It was assumed the dogs must have chased a rodent under the car, causing the damage. Without further thought, the flat tire was changed, and the owner proceeded to drive the 25 miles to his workplace in Palm Springs. Little did he know that he had an unexpected passenger tucked away in his vehicle.

The Rescue:

Upon reaching his workplace, the owner finally discovered what had caused the damage to his minivan. Nestled inside the hollowed-out front bumper was a 7-week-old kitten, now known as Fender-Linx. Realizing the delicate situation, the owner immediately contacted the authorities for assistance. It took a team of experts 40 minutes to extract the kitten safely from the vehicle by carefully removing the front bumper. Miraculously, Fender-Linx emerged from the ordeal unharmed.

While the focus of this story is on the miraculous rescue of Fender-Linx, it’s worth noting that the Pit Bull Terriers, initially thought to be responsible for the damage, were uninvolved in the incident. The dogs were safely with their owner and in good health. They merely served as an innocent scapegoat for the unexpected turn of events. Fortunately, they did not manage to harm the kitten, and the damage to the minivan was minimal, considering the circumstances.


This extraordinary tale serves as a reminder of how animals can surprise us with their adaptability and resilience. The kitten’s ability to withstand a 25-mile ride inside a front bumper without sustaining any injuries is truly remarkable. Additionally, the dedication and prompt action taken by the authorities to ensure the safe rescue of Fender-Linx should be commended. This heartwarming story highlights the importance of compassion and the willingness to go above and beyond for the well-being of our beloved pets.


Q: How did the kitten end up inside the minivan’s front bumper?

A: It is uncertain how exactly the kitten ended up inside the front bumper. It is possible that it crawled inside seeking warmth or shelter.

Q: Were the dogs involved in the incident?

A: No, the Pit Bull Terriers were innocent in this case. They were safely with their owner and had no role in causing the damage or harboring the kitten.

Q: Was the kitten injured during the rescue?

A: Fortunately, the kitten emerged unharmed from the 40-minute rescue operation. The experts took extreme care to ensure the well-being of the little feline.

Q: What happened to the kitten and the dogs after the incident?

A: The kitten, named Fender-Linx, was likely given the necessary medical attention and placed in a safe environment. As for the Pit Bull Terriers, they were with their owner and in good health.

Q: What can we learn from this incident?

A: This incident emphasizes the importance of thorough investigation and quick action in unexpected situations. It also reminds us of the resilience and adaptability of animals, as well as the compassion and dedication of those who work tirelessly to ensure their well-being.