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Help Celebrate Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! You Can Make a Difference

Help Celebrate Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! You Can Make a Difference

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June: Adopt a Shelter Cat Month – How You Can Make a Difference

June is not only the start of summer but also Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! As cat lovers, we know the numerous ways in which cats enrich our lives and provide us with health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, and offering comfort in times of grief. However, shelters and rescues are often overwhelmed by the high number of homeless cats, resulting in euthanasia as a means to manage overcrowding. Adopt a Shelter Cat Month aims to bring attention to the millions of cats in need of loving forever homes. In this article, we will explore the significance of this special month and provide you with ways you can contribute to this cause.

Spring Kittens & Mama Cats Need Help

The transition from spring to summer is marked by an influx of kittens and their stray mothers into local shelters and rescue groups. Not only do these kittens require adopters, but foster parents play a crucial role in saving thousands of lives each year. Fostering provides warm and safe environments for mama cats to nurse their young until they are ready for adoption. Newborn kittens in animal shelters are especially vulnerable to diseases, so if adoption is not possible for you at this time, consider becoming a foster parent.

Adopt! Don’t Shop!

Throughout the month of June, shelters and rescue organizations nationwide may waive or reduce adoption fees for cats. This is an opportune time to adopt a cat and also alleviate some of the resources burdened by shelters, enabling them to assist other animals in need. When considering adoption, don’t overlook older or senior cats. These felines are just as loving as their younger counterparts but often get overshadowed. Additionally, black cats face their own form of discrimination due to superstitious beliefs of being “bad luck” and difficulties in capturing their charm in photographs. Special needs cats, seniors, and “less adoptable” cats also deserve forever homes. Pay a visit to your local shelter and meet these wonderful cats—you might be surprised to find the perfect feline companion for you and your home.

Supporting Shelters and Organizations

If you’re unable to adopt a cat, there are other ways to make a difference. Consider donating to your local shelter, rescue group, or other organizations, enabling them to purchase essential food and supplies. Some shelters even accept tax-deductible donations in the form of furniture or used vehicles. Take the time to find a shelter near you and discover how you can help. Furthermore, if you’re ready to adopt, head over to our adoption page that features animals in need of forever homes based on your zip code.

Resources and Ways to Get Involved

Here are a few more resources that can guide you in becoming involved during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month:

– “Adoption page” with a list of animals looking for forever homes by zip code.
– Spread the word about adoptable cats in June to increase their chances of finding loving homes.
– Share your contributions and experiences in the comments below.


Adopt a Shelter Cat Month is an opportunity for us to make a difference in the lives of countless cats in need. By adopting, fostering, or supporting shelters and organizations, we can provide these felines with the loving forever homes they deserve. Furthermore, this month serves as a reminder to consider older or senior cats, black cats, and special needs cats, as they too are deserving of love and care. Join in the celebration of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and help create a brighter future for homeless cats.


Q: What is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month?
A: Adopt a Shelter Cat Month is an annual event held in June to raise awareness about the millions of cats in need of loving homes and to encourage adoption.

Q: Can I foster a cat if I can’t adopt?
A: Absolutely! Fostering provides temporary homes for cats until they are ready to be adopted. It is a vital way to save lives and provide care to vulnerable kittens and their mothers.

Q: Are older cats less loving than younger cats?
A: Older cats are just as loving as younger cats, if not more so. They are often overlooked for adoption, but they have plenty of love to give and make excellent companions.

Q: Can I donate to shelters and rescue organizations?
A: Yes, donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate money, food, supplies, or even furniture and used vehicles in some cases. Check with your local shelter to see what they need.


1. Consider adopting an older or senior cat. They have a lot of love to give and are often overlooked for adoption.
2. Look beyond superstitions and consider adopting a black cat. They deserve loving homes just like any other cat.
3. If you can’t adopt, consider becoming a foster parent. It’s a rewarding experience that saves lives.
4. Support your local shelter or rescue organization by donating money, supplies, or your time.
5. Spread the word about adoptable cats in June to increase their chances of finding forever homes.

By taking part in Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, you can make a significant impact on the lives of homeless cats. Whether through adoption, fostering, or supporting shelters, your contribution matters. Let’s come together to create a brighter future for these wonderful feline companions.