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Daily Dose Of Cute: Kitten Engages in Playful Interaction with Cat Friend’s Fluffy Tail [VIDEO]

Daily Dose Of Cute: Kitten Engages in Playful Interaction with Cat Friend’s Fluffy Tail [VIDEO]

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The Language of Tails: Decoding Your Cat’s Communication

In the video above, a sweet little kitten named Chamomile is playing with a fluffy cat named Zuko. She actually fell asleep in this position after she was tired from playing with that fluffy tail!

Send this video to someone who could use some warm, fuzzy feelings today! It certainly made our day better. Who couldn’t use more cute kitties in their life right about now?

And speaking of fluffy tails, did you know that cats communicate with their tails? You can learn what they’re trying to tell you with their tails, too!

What Your Cat Says With Their Tail

Daily Dose Of Cute: Kitten Engages in Playful Interaction with Cat Friend's Fluffy Tail [VIDEO]

Here are a few things cats do with their tails to express themselves, and some translations so you know what they mean!

  • An upright tail that flips forward over the cat’s back is in a neutral, welcoming position. The cat is happy to see you. This posture can also signal indecision. The cat hasn’t decided what their next move will be.
  • If the cat’s tail quivers and they dance on their back feet, they’re giving you an ecstatically happy greeting. Cats use this same posture when they want to mark a place by urine spraying it.
  • Twitching the tail tip while holding it low and straight is often associated with hunting behavior. The crouch and moving tail tip indicate an intense focus on prey.
  • An upright, “bottle brush” tail indicates the cat feels threatened and is being defensively aggressive. The hair on their spine also stands up.
  • Sometimes cats will twine their tail around a person’s legs in a bid for attention or food. It’s also a marking technique to say, “This person is mine.”

Does your cat love to play with other kitties’ tails like the kitten in the video? What other adorable ways do you love to see cats play? Let us know in the comments below!


Understanding the subtle language of cats can bring us closer to our feline friends. By paying attention to the movements of their tail, we can decipher their emotions and intentions. Whether it’s a welcoming gesture or a sign of aggression, the tail acts as the cat’s communication tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can cats communicate through their tails?

Yes, cats use their tails to communicate a range of emotions and intentions.

2. What does it mean when a cat’s tail is upright?

An upright tail often signifies a neutral or welcoming position. The cat is happy to see you or is undecided about its next move.

3. Why do cats twine their tails around a person’s legs?

Cats may twine their tails around a person’s legs to seek attention, food, or mark their territory.

4. What is the significance of a “bottle brush” tail?

A “bottle brush” tail indicates that the cat feels threatened and is displaying defensive aggression.

By understanding the various tail movements, we can strengthen our bond with our furry companions and create a deeper understanding of their needs and desires.