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Cat Meows When I Go To Bed : Here’s Why [ Updated ]

Cat Meows When I Go To Bed : Here’s Why [ Updated ]

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It is very common to hear a cat meowing at night. However, if you own a cat, it can be concerning when your feline meows when you go to bed. Probably your cat wants to convey that it is hungry or wants more attention.

Most of the time, it is nothing to worry about if your cat meows at night, as it is a common tendency in feline creatures.

Nonetheless, it can be disturbing for you and your family when your feline meows at night. If you are wondering why your cat meows at night when you go to bed, then go through the entire article to know the answer.

Cat meows when I go to bed: Reasons

Just like a human child, a cat may meow at night to convey its needs like pain, boredom, thirst, hunger, or unstimulated. Also, your cat may be feeling lonely or wishes to go outside.

There may be other reasons, including kidney or thyroid disease, and your feline is crying at night. Once you understand the main problem that causes your cat to meow at night, you’ll get a proper solution to this problem.

Below are the reasons explained why your cat meows at night.

1. Deafness or eyesight could be the problem for meowing in the night.

Your cat perhaps is dealing with hearing or eyesight problems, due to which it may be unable to control its action. Most noise and light are absent during the night compared to the day.

Hence, if your cat is unable to hear or see things at night, it might start meowing to seek help or asking for comfort. Your feline probably had no idea that it is deaf, and due to that reason, it’s crying badly.

Eyesight can deteriorate with age as well as disease and hearing. Therefore, if your feline has previously suffered sight and hearing issues, it can be predicted that your cat must be losing its sense. In this condition, you must consult with your veterinarian to solve these issues regarding your cat’s health.

2. At night, cats are generally more active

Most cats at night are more active compared to day. It becomes natural that they become certainly more active at a particular time. Many people think that cats are nocturnal, but this might not be necessarily true.

It has been found that they are most active at dusk and dawn, giving them the term crepuscular. It’s quite common that cats to adapt to their owners’ routines. However, your cat is active in the early morning while the house is asleep due to its crepuscular tendency.

Cats, while they are young, have the most increased tendency to be active at night time because their feline behavior tells them that it’s the best time for hunting for their prey. As they grow old, they become adaptable to the routine of the household and go on with rhythm resulting in less meowing at night.

3. It’s possible that your cat is bored

If your cat has its crepuscular sleeping pattern due to which it is alert and active during the night, it could indicate that they are bored due to the absence of human company.

They are meowing so that you can give them attention, play with them or have a good time. Although, it can be disturbing to you while you want your sleep to be fulfilled.

The best advice to avoid such situations is to get them some automatic toys (e.g., an automatic laser) so that they can play with them without disturbing your sleep.

The cat goes crazy when it has a laser pen and starts running around it. After it exhausts its energy from playing, it will go back to sleep. If it wakes again, then she can go back to play another round where she left off.

For your cat, chasing toys is not the only option. Give a deep thought about what your cat likes to play with and buy accordingly.

If they prefer pouncing, then get a flopping fish cat toy or some other type like a self-moving ball or a feathery toy. Give a tour yourself around the toy shop and bring the most entertaining stuff from the shop.

4. Hungry for food at night

You may have missed feeding your cat. Cats most often cry when they are hungry and want food or treats. So, to complete your sleep, ensure you feed your cat before you go to sleep.

At the same, it is necessary to remember that it does not always require your involvement to respond to their meowing.

It can give them an indication that you will always respond to their meowing. If your work schedule is highly hectic and you are not able to feed your cat at the proper time, then buy an automatic cat feeder.

It can control the meal timing of your cat and the proper amount that should be given. It will make it easy with your schedule and solve this problem.

You also need to give attention to getting your cat access to clean water to eliminate its thirst because it might be probably a reason for its nighttime activities.

5. Aging could be one of the symptoms

Cats going older have signs of having CDS (Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome), where they can get confused with themselves and with their activities.

Since it can get scary for them, they can call out for help. Older cats aren’t as energetic compared to their youth, so they prefer calling you out as much as possible rather than going by themselves.

They are more dependent on humans at this time for emotional support and reassurance to feel safe. If they are meowing very loudly, then it could be harmful to the senior cats to lose hearing capacity.


Don’t make yourself acquainted with your proper past sleep. If your feline is not letting you sleep peacefully, then try to solve this mystery by investigating.

There is no need to harness yourself because this problem spoils your sleeping hours in the morning. If there is no medical issue with your four-legged companions, then you don’t need to worry about your cat’s health.

Most of the issues can be simply solvable by taking them to a qualified vet. Lastly, remember that your cat is moody but loves you the most.