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Adopting a Cat: Tips and Considerations for Finding Your New Furry Friend

Adopting a Cat: Tips and Considerations for Finding Your New Furry Friend

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Is today the day you obtain your cat, your new friend and companion? If so, it is a great day!

However, there are a few things to be considered prior to actually receiving your new cat. Where should you get your cat from? What are the things you should look for? What are the things you should steer clear of?

Where to Get Your New Cat

Let’s start with where to get your new cat. There are numerous locations for getting a new cat for your home.

The animal shelter is the best place to start. There are always a variety of kittens or cats to select from. Due to the ample dispersion of sizes, colors, breeds, and ages available you are almost bound to find one for you to take home.

It is also common for farmers to have kittens which are free to a good home. If you are more interesting in a specific, purebred, cat you should call the registry to locate a breeder near you.

Choosing the Right Cat

Once you have considered the available cats or kitten, what is the best way to pick one? The first thing should always be to check for good health. Shiny coats, lively mannerisms, and bright eyes are great indicators.

Next, you should play with and hold the cat. Does it pull away, possibly hiss, when you attempt to touch it or does it rub your hand with its head and purr? Is the cat or kitten fine with being picked up, or does it seem frantic about escaping your grasp? Is the cat in question attracted to new people or does it get as far away as possible and sit with its ears down?

It should not take long for you to locate a cat that appears to have the personality you desire and will enjoy. The best way to avoid later heartbreak is to stay away from a cat with a bad temperament or poor health.

Consider Your Own Desires Before Adopting

You should also take stock of your own desires prior to getting a cat. As a rule, people are a sucker for kittens. They have such sweet faces and tend to be little fluff balls. However, they require a lot of energy and time, drapes are not the only thing they are known for climbing or getting into.

It is always possible you may find yourself more comfortable with an older cat that is already litter trained and much more content to just sit in your lap. People often discover that they would have been better off with a quiet, mature cat that purrs and rests in their laps while the TV is on. You and your new cat will be better off if you are completely honest with yourself.

Preparing for Your New Cat’s Arrival

Finally, you have looked over the animals available and taken a personal assessment. Your decision on which cat or kitten has been made and you are on your way home. It is best to make sure you have everything you need.

A litter box with clean litter is obvious, but did you remember the scooper to clean it out with? A water dish and food dish should be present of course. Did you buy high quality, age correct, food for your new pet? Is she familiar with the food you purchased? If you find out the cat was previously on a different kind of food it could be beneficial to pick up a small back of that type.

This could help your new cat become comfortable in its strange, new surroundings by providing something recognized.

The best way to change foods is slowly anyway. You can blend more and more of the cat’s new food into the amount of old food they are getting and by the time that small bag runs out your cat should be happily switched to the new type of cat food.

Take your time when considering a cat, do everything properly. This will ensure a long, loving, time with your pet.